… And The Award Goes To

2012 is here so the voting has closed and the results have been counted. Here are the winners of the Amped Awards 2011.


Best Album

Exit International – Black Junk (49% of the vote)

Best Single

The Dirty Youth – Fight (33% of the vote)

Best Unsigned Band

Buried in Alaska (44% of the vote)

Best Live Band

Exit International (44% of the vote)

Best  Event 2011

Merthyr Rock (61% 0f the vote)


Band of the Year 2011

Exit International (45% of the vote)

Amped Icon

This year the Amped Icon award goes to the Manic Street Preachers.

21 years since their debut single Motown Junk; 10 studio albums and 38 singles later they’ve released a greatest hits followed by a sell out show at the 02 arena.They are without doubt the most prolific band to come out of Wales and arguably the last great British rock n roll band.

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