Review – The Guns, ‘F*ck The Demon Outta Me’

The Guns are back again, but bigger, better and more bad ass than before, with F*ck The Demon Outta Me

The album has a potently vintage flavour, mixing southern delta sounds with filthy dirty in your face guitar; a huge step up from the previously more linear affair, With The Guns. What’s particularly striking is vocalist Alex Wiltshire’s ability to morph from an almost Seasick Steve drawl to full out Kurt Cobain scream filled torrents; particularly evident when comparing ‘Stranger Than You’ to ‘All Aboard’

This is the kind of utterly astonishing album that turns local heroes into the coup du jour. Finely crafted songs, engineered beautifully with the end results appealing to a whole myriad of ears; this particular effort suited to blues hounds and flat out rock n roll fans alike.

Highlights include single ‘Missing Girls’, tongue-in-cheek live favourite ‘Treacle and Pie‘, dark and brooding ‘Answers’ and the chilled out wildcard ‘Voodoo Boogie‘.

With 10 tracks of dirty rock n roll meets boogie woogie delights of such a high calibre  don’t  be surprised if you see them making a crafty Jools Holland appearance in the not too distant future.

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens

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