The Guns @ 6 Feet Under 29/10/11

The Guns - Photograph by Raychel Harris

It’s Friday night, Halloween is just around the corner and monsterous Blaina boys ‘The Guns’ are having a soirée at Six Feet Under, in the heart of Newport, to mark the release of their latest single ‘Missing Girls’

With a myriad of macabre monsters (and that’s just the my cohorts) around me opening act Hot Damn graced the stage (which beared an uncanny resemblance to that of the legendary TJ’s stage). The duel vocal attack and lively musical orchestration of this band follows the format of sophomore era Blackout, uptempo, edgy and with a definite feel for the more commercial end of the metal market. The set is a short, sharp and dynamic exhibition of the quintessential ingredients that make up a young aspiring band with some mileage. What more could be asked from an opener?

Next up are what could only be described as the metalicious delights of The Dead Wretched; a quintet formed from the remains of the once great Boys With X-Ray Eyes. The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree, capturing the same post-hardcore almost death metal spirit of the majorities former band.  Vocalist Ben Morgan showcasing his innate screaming ability whilst the band level Six Feet Under. A hard act to follow perhaps?

Exit_International - Photograph by Raychel Harris

Luckily Exit_International rise the the occasion, diving head first into the dress up box, and coming out looking like The Grayson Perry Experience. A unique band with a very unique sound, melding two fuzztastic bass guitars with duel vocals and speed fuelled punk drumming, or as the band like to call it, ‘rabid disco-punk’. The achingly impressive performance ends with Scott running through the crowd, microphone in hand sounding like a Dalek on crack, as The Jam put it ‘That’s Entertainment’.

Save Your Breath - Photograph by Raychel Harris

The final support are The Misfits, sorry, local boys Save Your Breath. Taking on the guise of Danzig era Misfits for the night they tear into ‘Last Caress’, which uncannily fits the costumes of choice. With an East-Coast punk anthem done and dusted the band plowed through an alarmingly good set, fitting perfectly with the punk undercurrent of tonight’s gig.

Before the headliners took to the stage we were treated to an off-the-cuff set from Grimestep trio Astroid Boys. This is a band I’ve caught a number of times on the circuit thanks to support slots courtesy of The Guns, and despite not being my typical choice of listening I find myself snared in yet again with their unbelievable MCing skills.  Having personally witnessed metal heads get gnarly to this lot I defy you not to get hooked.

The Guns - Photograph by Raychel Harris

As the headliners take to the stage, adorned in black capes and blackened V (V for Vendetta) masks they look every inch the menacing Halloween quartet. Opening up with a surprise cover of ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’ by Marilyn Manson, the agenda has been set, and The Guns are clearly hell bent on destroying Newport limb by limb.

The Guns - Photograph by Raychel Harris

A cherry picked set list of new and old Guns classics is rampaged through. The sheer ferocity is captured beautifully when during ‘Colder’ lead singer Alex Wiltshire falls head first over the makeshift barrier and lands on the floor below, guitar in hand and still playing.  New single ‘Missing Girls’ sounds sensational live, almost like the bastard child of a Queens of The Stoneage/Iggy and the Stooges collaboration; but perhaps the highlight is long time set closer ‘Gordons and Lemonade’. This epitaph to lock ins and rock outs is the quintessential anthem that every band needs, a set closer which is of the same crowd rousing ilk of ‘Design for Life’ and ‘Burn, Burn’. Once again The Guns deliver to an alarmingly rabid crowd and the age old question is raised, why aren’t they bigger?

The  blindingly ballsy ‘F*ck The Demon Outta Me’ is set to drop on iTunes on 28th Nov

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens

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