Review – The Dirty Youth, ‘Fight’

During a mammoth weekend for Welsh rock with the inaugral Merthyr Rock festival showcasing the finest young bands Wales has to offer, The Dirty Youth released their major label debut single, becoming the latest Valleys raised talent to be signed up.

‘Fight‘ as the name suggests, is a turbulent pull no punches showcase of The Dirty Youth’s signature blend of bone crunching guitar and thunderous drums, topped of with the vocal acrobatics of lead singer Danni Monroe.

From the very first riff The Dirty Youth have you round the scruff of the neck and pulled into their musical maelstrom. Weighing in at a second over the 3 minute mark, ‘Fight’ is the ideal length for a festival anthem and it seems the band have the verse/verse/big chorus format perfected, it isn’t hard to picture a Download or Sonisphere crowd rioting along to this.

With their debut album ‘Red Light Fix’ out on October 10th then The Dirty Youth look to be the latest success story from the Welsh rock scene, and may well become your new favourite band. Download ‘Fight’ now and thank me later.

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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