On Set with Saxon Part 2: The Making of ‘Call to Arms’

Saxon - Courtesy of http://www.saxon747.com

Day 3

As I opened my eyes I spotted the alarm clock on the other side of the room, 7:51 it read on the illuminated crimson display. I had overslept! Leaping out of bed I threw on my clothes for the day which I had luckily laid out the night before. Staggering through the corridor with my biker jacket on I looked through the drawing room’s large window into the restaurant, a few of the crew were sat down the for breakfast, so I swiftly joined them.

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Goldie Lookin’ Ghost Town

Goldie Lookin’ Chain making a political statement? Yes you heard right!

Newport’s favourite leisurewear clad rap crew are back once again, this time teaming up with ska tribute 2Rude to release a very unique version of The Specials‘ hit ‘Ghost Town’.

The combination of genius timing and a very apt set of (re-written) lyrics makes for the most ‘serious’ Goldie Lookin’ Chain song for a while. Could this be the Welsh answer to the infamous Gallows/Lethal Bizzle version of ‘Starin’ at the Rude Bois’?

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens