The Cult @ Bristol Academy 19/01/11

The Cult - Photograph by Gigsniper

Sitting in the notorious Bristol traffic I read my emails to ensure that I’ll be on time for tonight’s gig. A take a sigh of relief as I triple check the stage times, Masters of Reality at 8pm, followed by headliners, The Cult, at 9pm.

Arriving at the venue there’s an instant buzz, the crowd, made up of everything from middle aged indie fanatics to teenage goths are obviously excited to hear the dilactable sound of Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy.

Masters of Reality - Photograph by Gigsniper

Heading into the venue I make my way through the sea of black to find a place as near to the barrier as possible, upon my arrival support band, Masters of Reality, take to the stage.

The current five piece lineup is headed up by producer, Chris Goss, a key player in the Palm Desert Scene (consisting of bands like Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage and Soulwax amongst others). It’s quite obvious that Masters of Reality were highly influential on the scene, albeit in their own unique downbeat fashion

Their set is somewhat of a musical magical mystery tour, and although I enjoyed their unique almost psychedelic sound, it seems the crowd weren’t as enthused.

The Cult - Photograph by Gigsniper

Following a short interval it’s time for the main event, as the houselights go down, lead singer Ian Astbury takes to the stage, covered head to toe in leather and followed by guitar hero Billy Duffy and his iconic Gretsch White Falcon.

Opening with new single,Everyman and Woman is a Star, it’s clear that this is a band that is still relevant today, with a fresh but classic sound that still works in a live environment.

The Cult - Photograph by Gigsniper

The setlist is performed with extreme passion and contains a breadth of material including; Rain, Sweet Soul Sister, Dirty Little Rockstar, Wild Flower, She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine, Spirit Walker and a cover of Break on Through by The Doors.

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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