Distance Within – Orion Is Watching

Distance Within - Orion is Watching

Distance Within, based in the Swansea/Neath area, are a six piece metal outfit comprising of drums, bass, dual guitars and dual vocals.

Their debut ‘Orion is Watching’, is a showcase of their progressive hardcore metal sound. The unit articulate a combination of galloping drums, bone crunching guitars and banshee like vocals, making for a sonic assault on the listener.

Distance Within - Photograph by Jordana Roberts

Despite the relentlessly heavy style that is evident from the opening bars of ‘This Ends at Sundown’, there is calm amongst the storm, melodic harmonies are rife in the breakdowns. The stop/start pace of each track feels almost like a rollercoaster ride, leaving you hanging there waiting for the metaphorical corkscrew or loop the loop. The dual vocal prowess particularly shines through on closing track, ‘The Human Condition’ with its melodic reprise (which is extremely prone to repeating in your head all day!)

With 3 tracks weighing it at a hefty 14 minutes in length, this is a band that doesn’t do half measures and certainly pulls no punches!

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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