Amped will return shortly

Hi Amped readers!

I can imagine if you’re  a regular to the blog you’ve been wondering why there’s been a lack of content lately…

Well at the moment I (Jarrad) am finishing off my MA, which means writing a dissertation. Due to the intense amount of work this requires Amped is currently on  hiatus; fear not however as we will return in September with the news and reviews as they happen.

Thanks for sticking with us,

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


William Control @ Cardiff Barfly – 25/07/10

William Control - Photograph by Looking Eye Glass Photography

The night was Sunday, July the 25th, the place was Cardiff Barfly, and the band was William Control.

The room is dark, gothic in its underground cave-like setting. It is not as full as it perhaps could and should have been. Whatever the reason for this is, the amount of people that are present don’t seem to notice the lacking numbers at all, probably because they are only excited to see one man tonight.

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