Tigertailz are hometown heroes!

There’s an electric atmosphere at Fuel for the triumphant return of Cardiff’s Tigertailz.

Stepping into the club, it feels like the ’80s never ended. Van Halen and RATT are rumbling out of the speakers and the punters could belong in any number of glam rock bands with back-combed locks and make-up clad faces.

Tigertailz have returned to Cardiff to honour their album Bezerk, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The show features the classic album, played track by track, a daring feat as the band have only previously played a handful of the songs live.

Factor in the introduction of brand new bass player Sarah Firebrand and the band had a challenge on their hands.

Tigertailz – Photograph by Geraint Owens

As Men of Harlech pounds out of the sound system the crowd start baying for the ’Tailz.

The glam quartet strike up the opening bars of Sick Sex, and close your eyes and you could be listening to the album, which still sounds good for its 20-year age. The band sound as good, if not better, than they did back in the day.

New bassist Sarah has big shoes to fill in the form of the late great Pepsi Tate, but takes things in her stride.

Although suffering first gig nerves, she’s obviously enjoying the show.

With a mighty Bezerk setlist, including cheeky renditions of Crazy Horses, Ace of Spades and the rarely heard Wazbones, it’s a treat for any glam fans and the band have proved there’s life in Tigertailz yet.

The old dog has learnt some new tricks without losing what made them great.

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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