Kerrang Tour @ Cardiff Solus – 29/01/10

After finally figuring out how to get to the correct side of Cardiff University Solus (thanks to Leah Sanyasi!), the excitement brewing for tonight’s show is in the air. A queue consisting of fans of all ages huddles together, seeking warmth in the cold of this bitter January night. As the line reduces, the audience is filtered into the venue, the anticipation rising. There is something comforting in witnessing the passion and the thrill of rock music still alive and thriving in the young and old tonight. No one appears to be looking down on anyone, declaring their musical taste to be the better. Everyone has genuinely gathered here to unite for one purpose; to enjoy some modern rock.

Once inside, the singer of Young Guns, Gustav Wood, comes into view. He is selling his band’s CD on the merchandise stall. For many arriving through the doors, this is an equally surprising and exciting way to be greeted at the venue. He gladly has his photograph taken with various delighted members of tonight’s audience, making a number of people’s nights complete within the first five minutes of arrival. There is a buzz in the atmosphere, alive with adoration for music and this year’s line up.

First on stage are My Passion. Many have deemed this band part of the “hair is more important than music” category of recent rock. However, this performance proves to be a perfect contradiction. This band is vivacious, they involve the crowd, and they are everything that they should be. The songs, although not known by all in the audience, sound catchy, in time, and to be honest, substantially heavier than expected. Tonight, My Passion impress. Subsequently, Young Guns do the same. Overriding an amount of scepticism amongst some fans of this genre, these first two bands prove that they are more than worthy of their slots in the Kerrang! tour. Leaping about all over the stage, each member of Young Guns seems to be in their element. From a middle-of-the-room stance, the sight of the audience in front assures that everyone has adapted the same energy and enjoyment from this band. With more time to evolve as a band, both My Passion and Young Guns could be even better. They are definitely recommendable new, raw, live performances.

Next up are The Blackout. With the knowledge that this band has always given breathtakingly awesome shows, as expected disappointment is not on the cards tonight. Although having slightly bigger expectations to live up to, The Blackout effortlessly meet them. They tear energetically through screamo-rock masterpiece after screamo-rock masterpiece. Vocalists Gavin Butler and Sean Smith hurl themselves about the stage, claiming it as their own. Renditions of The Fire and I’m A Riot? You’re A F*cking Riot! Send the audience wild. A sea of flailing limbs creates a beautiful scene of civilised chaos, and guarantees the blackout fever as contagious. Watch this band and you will catch it. As always, they inject a healthy dose of welsh humour into their set, an element which has become expected and possibly necessary. Sean Smith has the audience smirking, with jokes of being the last band of the line up, and that everyone should leave straight away after. Of course, everyone in the audience knows that this is a lie. All Time Low are the headliners, and no one here has forgotten. Although, it could be said that they are not miles ahead of the other bands, in terms of performance or entertainment.

Screams fill the air as the final band take to the stage. There is a clear build of anticipation and eagerness prior to the arrival of All Time Low on stage, yet there is not the usual distinguishable give-aways between the headliners and the support acts. All the bands tonight put everything into their excellent performances, providing the audience with hours of attitude fuelled fun and a suitable amount of sweat. All Time Low are a perfect and sufficiently lively ending to the evening. There is nothing that this audience came for that they did not get. This Kerrang! tour successfully summarised the modern day, ever evolving contributions to rock music; fast, fun, effing fantastic.

Raychel ‘Hellraiser’ Harris


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  1. who wrote this cuz it says my name :S

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