Farewell 2009… Adieu to the Decade

As the decade draws to a close Amped takes a brief look at Welsh music in the noughties.

On 31st December 1999 the Manic Street Preachers saw us into the new year with a set spanning two millenia, the first of many concerts at the newly built Millenium Stadium. Following this celebration of Wales’s most prolific band they became the first Welsh number 1 of the noughties with the Masses Against the Classes EP.

In 2000 we said hello to Lostprophets, releasing their debut thefakesoundofprogress and subsequently became the hottest band to emerge from the valleys in years. This sparked a musical revolution, Wales becoming a hotbed of alternative acts and by the middle of the decade we had a cavalcade of new homegrown talent, the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Bullet for my Valentine achieving serious noteriety.

Newport’s finest Goldie Lookin’ Chain made their mark this decade, with a string of tongue in cheek hits caricaturing the decade’s stooge, the chav. Following a number of homemade albums distributed on CD-R the band signed to Atlantic releasing two albums and appearing on every popular television show on air, including a notable stint for Maggot on Channel 4 behemoth Big Brother.

In the latter half of the decade a new wave of Welsh talent emerged, with a large local scene gathering speed the future of Welsh music looked very promising. Bands like The Automatic, Kids in Glass Houses and The Blackout were being picked up by major labels following their baptism of fire on the local circuit. The Full Ponty kicked off in 2006, a small but successful festival in Pontypridd, it seemed like Wales was the place to be for rock in the UK.

With the valleys churning out more talent that you could shake a stick at the economic crisis hit the UK. The music scene was in dire straights, the Full Ponty was cancelled and venues couldn’t afford to stay open and a spate of closures hit the valleys. At the end of the noughties the music scene is just surviving, but how long can it be sustained?

Despite the current state of the scene, let’s stay positive and hope we have another prolific decade for Welsh music. Happy New Year from Amped, we leave you this decade with the beginning of the last…

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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  1. And what a decade it was- this makes me feel old Jarrad!

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