Gunfire 76 @ Vice, Swansea 4th December 2009

Gunfire 76 @ Vice

At the front of the queue, outside of Swansea’s Vice Club venue, a small formation of fans begin to line up behind. It’s not difficult to guess which of the people walking towards the venue are about to join this line. The gathering of visually prominent Goths confirms that you have made it to the correct location for a Wednesday 13 gig. In this case, its Wednesday 13’s Gunfire 76, with support of Bullets and Octane. Once inside the venue, unfortunately the temperature did not seem to increase by more than a few degrees. An estimate of outside reaching about -5 is likely to be accurate. It’s a good job the bands tonight ensure a relentless onslaught of sweat, energy and movement. It was just a shame we all nearly froze to death in between sets.

First up are Bullets and Octane. Although a band that seem perfect for this genre, with all their sleaze, alcohol and obvious intention to have a good time, there is still something that lacks in tonight’s show. The impression they give consists of all the necessary ingredients to make them the perfect rock stars. They come across with a very “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”, a very “live fast, sleep when you’re dead” attitude. This side of them is appealing, enticing, fun. Their set screams the same type of concept, as the band go wild, thrashing around in and out of the crowd. Especially singer, Gene, who actively makes it his mission to involve every member of the crowd. However this occasion may just be where there could actually be something in that old, parentish saying, “it’s just noise!” When it comes to Bullets and Octane, it seems to be about a party, which is never to be considered a negative aspect to a band. Although, tonight whilst watching this band emit pure so called Rock n Roll, I can’t help but feel the need for more substance and structure to the music. Clearly dedicated fans appear to be having the time of their lives, and so it would be fair to say give this band a chance to grow on you before expecting to be 100% in love with their performance.

Gunfire 76 - Wednesday stares into the crowd

As usual, there is an obvious difference in quality of performance and material between the support acts and the headliners. With the arrival of Wednesday 13’s Gunfire 76, along comes an unstoppable juggernaut of energy. Tearing through songs such as Lets Kill The Hero, and One More Reason To Hate You, the crowd mirrors the party and the passion that’s obvious onstage. Because that’s what this is, a party as well as fast, fun, music, and a legion of fans dedicated to having a good time. It is literally impossible to avoid or ignore this performance, or any band member for that matter. Each individual is putting everything into this attractively sweaty display of live music. The final song, 197666, an old Murderdolls favourite, is the perfect finish. Everyone in the audience seems to know this one, and so they should. It is a brilliantly offensive and catchy anthem that sends everyone spiralling into a world where right now, this band, this night, this FUN, is all that matters. Remove the icicles that formed on me whilst having a drink in the venue after the gig, and this night would have been damn near perfect.

Raychel ‘Hellraiser’ Harris


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