Got a band? Get Band Central.

So you’re in a band, you have a myspace, a twitter, and a facebook. What if you could have all this wrapped up in one bundle with a whole lot more?

Bandcentral is the latest in a growing culture of social networks, but with one significant difference – it’s targeted exclusively at bands and their fans.

Upon logging into my demonstrational account I was quite literally bowled over at the simplicity of the site, everything was laid out in a coherent and intuitive manner. The dashboard houses many of the integral features such as a list of recent activities, a to-do list and most impressively a feature allowing you to update your facebook/myspace/twitter status right there and then.

One of the most impressive features is the ability to text fans via the site, yes you read right text. When a “fan” registers on the site they provide their contact details allowing both email and text promotion. The site also allows the band to keep a track of their finances, displaying graphs and charts to aid in the comprehension.

I could continue to list the many benefits I have found by using the site, however I would strongly suggest you check it out for yourself. You can sign up for a free limited account and upgrade to a pro account for £4.99 a month, which at less than a round of drinks is quite frankly a sound investment.

Jarrad ‘Nöir’ Owens


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